7 Vegan Kitchen Essentials for Delicious Plant-Based Food

Are you looking for the newest kitchen gadgets for your vegan kitchen? If you love to prepare your own meals at home, you’ll need tools that can support your recipe adventures.

From veggie spiralizers and steamers to high-speed blenders and electric mixers, these appliances will make cooking a true joy.

Here are 7 vegan kitchen essentials that’ll help you make simple, delicious, plant-based meals.

1. Tofu Press

Tofu is a staple ingredient in many vegan kitchens, but did you know it actually tastes better when it’s dry? One of the most essential vegan kitchen tools is the tofu press, which will squeeze out the water and leave you with a nice piece of tofu ready for sandwiches, frying, or other tofu-based dishes.

2. Spiralizer

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Spiralizers are game-changers when it comes to kitchen essentials for vegan cooking. You can make zucchini pasta, spiralize carrots, cucumbers, beets, and even sweet potatoes. Many spiralizers have several different attachments so you can make spaghetti-like veggie pasta, tagliatelle-style veggies, and spiralized cucumbers to use in salads.

3. Spice Grinder

Spices can enhance the flavor of any meal, and if you prefer to use fresh spices in your recipes, you’ll need a spice grinder. This gadget is great for grinding black pepper, sea salt, dried bay leaves, cumin, and coriander. You can also grind nuts, seeds, coffee beans, and cereal with this handy tool.

4. High-Speed Blender

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High-speed blenders are vegan kitchen appliance essentials that you can use to make more than just smoothies. They’re great for making homemade nut milk, nut butter, sauces, muffin batter, pancake batter, soups, and even ice cream.

Some blenders also come with additional attachments for grinding spices, nuts, and coffee, as well as food processor attachments for slicing and kneading.

5. Vegetable Steamer

A vegan and plant-based diet consists of a lot of vegetables, but that doesn’t mean you should only eat them in a salad. To diversify your cooking and try different flavors, invest in a vegetable steamer.

You’ll not only eat healthier and reduce the use of oil, but you can also steam any other type of vegan food, including tofu, fruits, beans, and even pasta.

6. Electric Mixer

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An electric mixer is a kitchen staple in a vegan kitchen, especially if you prefer to make your own bread, desserts, and other baked goods. A quality stand mixer will save you a lot of time, as you can let it mix while you prepare other dishes in the kitchen.

Most mixers come with different attachments, so you can knead dough, shred steamed veggies, mix batter, and whisk whipped cream. Most high-end mixers also have attachments for grinding, blending, and slicing.

7. Nut Milk Bag

If you make your own nut milk at home, a nut milk bag is a must for squeezing out the water. The mesh is very fine, so you’ll have silky-smooth milk without any lumps or residue from the nuts. Also, nut milk bags are reusable, so you can simply wash them after using and they’re ready for the next batch.

Get These Vegan Kitchen Essentials Today!

Whether you’re a beginner in the kitchen or love cooking and trying new recipes, these vegan kitchen essentials are a must for making delicious meals.

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