Cooking Soup Like the Pros: Easy Advice for a Great Soup

Next time you go grocery shopping, resist picking up canned soup.

Cooking soup at home is much nicer than premade, commercial soups, often high in sodium and preservatives. Homemade soup, in contrast, is a healthy way to bump up your vegetable servings, and you know exactly what is in it.

Curious to try making soup at home? If so, read on to learn our top tips for cooking soup like the pros.

Learn to Make Your Own Broths

Sure, you can purchase premade stock cubes and broth, but it’s healthier and just as easy to make your own, from a vegetable, chicken, or beef base.

There are many recipes out there, but it essentially just requires simmering meat or vegetables in herbs and water, creating a flavorful stock that makes the perfect base for almost any basic soup.

Soup broth is also an easy liquid to drink or sip when you’re not feeling well, or you’re having stomach troubles.

Chop Vegetables Finely

Your finished soup is going to be sipped with a spoon. If the chunks of veggies (or meats) are too big, it will be challenging to eat.

Invest in a good set of knives to ensure you can easily chop vegetables to a small size, or use a food processor.

Invest In a Quality Blender

For many easy to make soups, such as tomato soups or chowders, you’ll need a blender to create a smooth, creamy consistency.

Find a good quality blender and it will make it super easy to make smooth, silky soups in minutes. Cheap blenders may leave chunks and won’t give you to the restaurant-quality soup or chowder you’re after.

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Note— as chowders often require milk or cream, be careful adding it directly to hot soups, as it curdles easily. Add it bit by bit, slowly, to prevent your soup from being ruined. 

Don’t Be Afraid of Spice

There’s not much worse than bland soup. But, how to add flavor to soup without overpowering your ingredients?

Taste-test as you go, adding spices and herbs as needed. Always add in small amounts, as it’s much easier to add more spice than to remove it!

Recipes often don’t include much spice, so feel free to experiment. Cooking is creativity, and you’ll only grow as a cook if you take risks. Try adding wine, lemon juice, pesto, or Worcestershire sauce to the soup, depending on the recipe.  While you have the wine open, be sure to pour yourself a glass.  Just make sure it’s the right type of glassware for the occasion.

If you’re making soups frequently, why not start a herb garden? Fresh herbs add delicious flavors and can easily grow at home. Top herbs for soups include parsley, basil, and chives.

Start Cooking Soup Today

Delicious homemade soups and chowders are one of the best meals on winter’s day. Not only are they a good comfort food, but they are often rich in nutritional value and can be easy for any chef to make.

Contact us with any questions on soups, cooking, or kitchenware and our friendly team would be glad to assist.

Start cooking soup at home today and impress your loved ones with a tasty and warming meal.

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