Copper Chef Induction Cooktop Review – An Honest Lowdown…

Over the past few years, I have wanted to simplify my cooking practices in the kitchen. And after researching, I stumbled across induction cooktops. With gas and electric cookers, I always found that they didn’t cook food evenly. But with an induction, as the heat is spread over the coils, it’s transferred directly to the food. 

In this article, we will talk about the Copper Chef Induction Cooktop. The only cooktop currently released by the company, it comes with many different functions.

The Copper Chef Induction Cooktop

The Copper Chef Induction Cooktop is manufactured by Tristar Productions Inc. A portable cooktop with five temperature presets, it claims to be an effective way of cooking no matter where you’re using it. 

Although the Copper Chef brand is not as well known as Bosch, Kitchenaid and other brands that are market leaders in induction cooktops, it stands tall above its competitors due to the flexibility it promises and its price.

This induction cooktop is best suited for those looking for an additional cooking device or those who are frequently traveling and need to cook their meals on the go. It might not, however, be suitable for people who are looking for an induction cooktop for everyday cooking.

If you’re unsure as to whether this is the right induction cooktop for you, here are five pros and cons.

Firstly, the pros:

  • 5 cooking presets: allowing you to cook at different temperatures
  • It has a digital display control panel
  • It has a timer
  • It has an auto-shutoff function
  • It’s compact and lightweight


  • It can only handle one pan/tray at a time

Features & Benefits 

The Copper Chef comes with a variety of features that could benefit your cooking process. Although it’s not the most high-tech model on the market, it’s uncomplicated design makes it a viable option for novice chefs. And even though I might not use it as a primary cooking device, it is good for traveling/as an addition to your other induction cooktop.

Wide Temperature Range 

The Copper Chef Induction Cooktop has a wide temperature range of between 100°F to 500°F. This has the benefit of allowing you to cook a wide variety of dishes, from vegetables to meat stew. Controlled by the buttons at the front, it aims at simplifying the cooking process – one of the main reasons why I looked into it in the first place.

Although this feature is well intentioned, it’s important to know that the heat ring itself is quite small so it can take a while to heat the food (despite its 1,300 Watt power output).

For those who are wanting to fry and crisp meat, this is something to consider as the cooktop might struggle to maintain the heat. As with most portable induction cooktops, the temperature might also drop once the ingredients have been placed within it. 

High Tec Control Panel

An important feature of any induction cooktop is an easy-to-use control panel. With the Copper Chef Induction Cooktop, it has a display screen with two buttons beside it to adjust the temperature. There is also a timer and on/off button just above the five preset functions. Designed to heat the cooktop for a specific amount of time, it should be able to heat, sear and keep food warm. 

Here’s what each of the functions can do:

The timer – allowing you to cook the food for a set amount of time, it can be adjusted in one minute intervals. For longer cooking, it can be set for up to 150 minutes. Once the timer is off, the cooktop will turn off.

Warm function – by selecting this function, the cooktop will stay at approximately 175°F (which could be an important feature for those on the go). However, this also means that your food will carry on cooking.

Low – this function allows you to keep the cooktop at 100°F.

Medium – keeps the cooktop at 275°F.

High – keeps the cooktop at 425°F.

Sear function – keeps the cooktop at 500°F.

Each of the controls are designed to be simple to use, meaning that you won’t have to constantly consult the manual. Also, once you press the setting, it appears on the display – making it clearer as to which one you selected. As it is similar to a microwave, the functions on this induction cooker are aimed at being easy to understand.

Easy Wipe Cooking Surface 

As it’s crafted with ceramic, the surface of the induction cooktop is designed to be durable and easy to clean. When you have a busy life and need a simple cooking solution like me, this benefit is invaluable in the long term.

As well as being quick to clean, the ceramic will spread heat more easily, allowing you to use less energy – which saves you money on your electricity bills. It’s also has non-stick properties meaning if the food within the pan overflows, you can clean it with a damp cloth and detergent (once it’s cooled down of course). 

With all portable induction cooktops, however, the Copper Chef is quite delicate. So if you drop a full pot or pan on its surface, it might crack. Similarly, if you spill something on it and try to scrape it off, it can scratch – so it’s important that you treat the Copper Chef with care. 

Customer Reviews

When comparing and contrasting induction cooktops, I scoured the internet for user reviews. Upon doing so, I found a whole host of glowing 4 and 5 star reviews commenting on the features and performance of the Copper Chef induction cooktop.

The following are from

Alternative Induction Cooktops

Even though the Copper Chef Induction Cooktop has many different functions, it’s not the only portable cooktop that’s on the market. So if you’re still uncertain whether it’s the best option for you, here are three worthy contenders:

The Duxtop 9600LS 

What differs the Duxtop to the Copper Chef is that it has 20 preset power levels, from 100 Watts up to 1800 Watts and 20 temperature level settings from 100°F to 460°F. This means that not only will you have more heating options, but it is far more powerful. 

On it’s touch control panel, it also offers features that the Copper Chef doesn’t – the first of which being a child safety lock. This function will keep the food cooking and the timer (which can be up to 10-hours) from being changed once it’s been set. The second, is the fast boil button. Unlike the Copper Chef (which can take a while to boil food), this function can boil food in a few minutes. 

However, the Duxtop is more expensive than the Copper Chef, so it might not be an option for those looking for an affordable induction cooktop. It’s also heavier than the Copper Chef – it’s 7.3 pounds whereas the Copper Chef is 5.8 so it might not be suitable for those who are frequently traveling. 


  • Digital LCD Sensor-Touch control panel
  • 20 temperature ranges – from 100°F up to 460°F
  • Child Safety Lock system
  • Automatic pan detection


  • Loud fan noise
  • Inaccurate temperature readings

Interested in finding out more? Check out this product on Amazon.

The Nuwave 30242

In comparison to the Copper Chef, the Nuwave 30242 has a circular design, 3 Wattage selections (600,900 and 1500), 52 adjustable temperature settings and 6 pre-programmed temperature settings – allowing for more flexibility and more accurate temperature readings. With a 100 maximum programmable time, it also means that you can leave the cooker for as long as you need.

However, although the Nuwave is more powerful than the Copper Chef, there are a few things to consider with this model. Despite it being portable, it does weigh in at 9 pounds – which is 3.2 pounds heavier. If it overheats, it is also prone to showing an E9 error, which means that you should contact customer service for assistance.

This induction cooktop is good for those who are looking for a powerful alternative and have the extra cash to purchase it. If you want a lighter, more portable induction cooktop however, then the Copper Chef might be a better option for you.


  • It comes with a 10 inch anodized frying pan
  • 52 temperature settings from 100°F -575°F
  • 1 hour ‘resume’ cooking timer
  • It includes a cooking guide, instructional DVD and manual


  • It weighs 9 pounds
  • It can overheat
  • It is not eligible for international shipping
  • Interested in finding out more? Check out this product on Amazon.


SUNAVO is a trusted brand that’s known for high-quality cookware. So when they produced this induction cooktop, I wouldn’t have been surprised if customers were eager to purchase it.

With 15 levels of temperature control, 1800 Watts and the promise of little noise, it’s seemingly a contender in the market. Similarly to the Duxtop, it has a child lock feature which means that the temperature can’t alter once it’s set. A feature that the Copper Chef doesn’t have, it’s a worthy plus point.

It’s size is both a bonus and a downfall, however, in comparison to the Copper Chef. with dimensions of 16.1 x 12.8 x 3.4 inches (the Copper Chef is 15 x 12 x 3 inches)  it’s size make it a little more challenging to transport. This can be seen as a positive, however, as it could allow for more flexibility in terms of the cookware you use.

This is a good option for RV living, for parties and in homes. If you want a more heavy-duty induction cooktop on camping trips, this could be the right choice for you.


  • 1800 Watt power output
  • 15 temperature levels (from 100°F to 460 °F)
  • LED touch control panel 
  • 30-day return policy and a 2-year warranty


  • Larger than the Copper Chef 

The SUNAVO is available on Amazon for $76.99.

Final Thoughts

Overall, it’s clear that the Copper Chef Induction Cooktop can be thought of as a good solution when you’re looking for an additional cooking device. Solving the issue of slow cooking, it’s a worthwhile option for those looking to simplify their cooking methods. How you might ask? Well, it offers:

  • Various temperature settings
  • Powerful power outputs 
  • A selection of different temperature functions

Click here to check it out and find out more about what it includes. 

Things to consider before buying an Induction Cooktop

An induction cooktop is a great alternative to the electric or gas hobs for many reasons. Firstly, they are a popular substitute as they use less energy due to the heating process. Using electromagnetic activity, the coils heat up quicker – meaning that not only will your energy bills be lower but your carbon footprint is smaller. Secondly, as all of the coals around the pan heat up, it will cook your food faster.

Valuable bonuses, they are an ideal solution for those who like myself, are constantly on the go. Easy to transport, there is no hassle or fuss involved in cooking on them – making them a great heating device for people who are limited in space or that are on vacation.

They will also appeal to the more eco-conscious consumer due to the decreased amount of energy. Because of this, the popularity of induction cooktops are starting to increase. 

However, it’s important to consider that you will need magnetic cookware – which can be expensive to purchase. They are also known to make loud buzzing noises which can become very irritating after a while. 

So if you want a heating device that you can use all cookware on and you don’t mind about the environmental factors, a traditional portable gas cooker might be more suited to you.

Other things you should consider before buying:

  • What you will be using the induction cooktop for
  • How much it weighs
  • How many temperature controls it has 
  • How accurate the temperature readings are
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