Sharp SMD2470AS Review

Like most people, I try to cook from scratch as much as possible, taking my time to create the perfect meals from start to finish for myself and my family. However, after a busy working day or with limited time for lunch, sometimes I just need something quick and easy! I know that there’s plenty of you out there that will feel the same, especially during a time when we’re juggling our jobs whilst working from home and attempting to home-school our kids at the same time, all whilst trying to keep supermarket trips to a minimum to keep ourselves safe, leaving us with a smaller variety of ingredients to work with.

 My problem is that I hate to settle for something straight from the fridge or a ‘just add water’ style snack, as I often don’t feel like I’ve had a meal at all. 

What I needed was an appliance with the power and high quality of a traditional oven, but the speed and convenience offered by a traditional microwave – I believe that I might have finally found what I was looking for in the Sharp SMD2470AS!

The Sharp SMD2470AS is a new, innovative kind of microwave, beautifully designed and perfectly suited to the modern kitchen. Sharp say that this brilliantly versatile appliance has been created with ‘easier and faster cooking’ in mind. It’s clear that thought was put into every inch of the way it works and looks – Sharp’s goal with the SMD2470AS was to create a microwave which ‘complements the widest range of kitchen styles and appliances’ and, personally, I believe they’ve succeeded!

If you’re anything like me, the main things that you look for in the ideal microwave oven are power, easy cleaning, excellent features and versatility – I think that the Sharp SMD2470AS has all those and more.

Unlike the majority of traditional microwaves, the SMD2470AS isn’t designed to sit out on your countertops, taking up valuable space – ideal for me, considering I seem to have more appliances than ever in my kitchen these days! Instead, the Sharp SMD2470AS is installed within a kitchen island or below your oven. This placement is particularly convenient, too, as it allows you to use your microwave, oven and stove without worrying about darting around your kitchen from one appliance to another whilst cooking. As for the controls of the SMD2470AS, the oven features a hidden control panel, leaving the buttons covered until they need to be used.

If you’re wondering whether this more concealed placement means that the inside of the microwave has had to sacrifice on space, then let me put your worries to rest – the SMD2470AS has an impressive 24-inches of space, enough for a 6 pint casserole dish and with room to spare.

The SMD2470AS also opens differently to the majority of traditional microwaves, using an automatic easy touch drawer opening system with hands-free closing, allowing for simpler loading and unloading of food. This drawer design also allows for much easier cleaning after each use, so that you can keep your microwave in top condition!

This is a fantastic range of features, but how much will they set you back? From our research, it seems you can expect to shell out just under £1000 for the SMD2470AS, with the lowest price available online appearing to be £875. 

With the price in mind, I set about seeing what existing users are saying about their experiences with the Sharp SMD2470AS – and I wasn’t disappointed.

Here are just a few testimonials from real Sharp customers:

As you can see, the SMD2470AS has already impressed many happy customers – do you think you could be their next convert?

If you’re not quite sold on the SMD2470AS just yet, here are a few alternatives that it might be worth looking into.

Bosch Serie 8 CFA634GS1B

From Bosch, one of Sharp’s largest competitors, comes the Serie 8 CFA634GS1B. Just like the SMD2470AS, this appliance can be built directly into an island or wall – however, it’s not your standard microwave. This is a traditional oven with a 900W microwave built in! The unit features a touch display, which is impressively easy to use and includes a variety of features. 

This particular oven is ideal for those who are looking to combine their appliances in order to save on space – without sacrificing on quality. It’s also surprisingly affordable, available at around £675 with some major retailers. 

Thermador MD24WS

While the Thermador MD24WS looks quite different to its Sharp counterpart, the features of this unit are strikingly similar to those of the SMD2470AS. With a similar automatic touch opening system, island or wall installation capability and a 24-inch drawer, this competitor can be used with ten different cooking modes, including melt, defrost and, of course, heat. However, it may set you back around £1250…

Wolf MS24TES

This stylish and powerful unit from Wolf can utilise up to 950W of power in order to get your food cooked to perfection! It features ten different cooking mode, including the intriguing ‘gourmet mode’ which – in Wolf’s words – allows you to let the microwave do all the cooking for you. 

Why the Sharp SMD2470AS?

If you’re a keen cook and need to utilise the space in your kitchen as efficiently as you possibly can, then it’s certainly worth investing in a microwave oven that can be installed within a kitchen island or into your wall – especially one with as many features as the Sharp SMD2470AS offers. By all accounts, this microwave looks great, works great and comes with a variety of fantastic features. It’s also fairly affordable in comparison to some of the similar appliances on the market. 

However, a traditional countertop microwave may still be the better option for anyone who rarely uses this method of cooking or for anyone who is planning on moving to a new home any time soon – an installation microwave is quite the investment, so you want to be able to get the absolute most use and value from it for your money. 

Before making any purchase like this, it’s always best to shop around a discover whether or not you’ve found the right product for you. However, it does seem that the majority of Sharp SMD2470AS customers have come away happy with their decision to purchase one for themselves! 

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