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I used to always struggle to eat healthily and get a lot of fruit & veg in my diet. As you can imagine, I started noticing negative changes in my weight, my skin got worse, and I had no energy. I knew something needed to change, or else I’d be putting my health at risk. 

Unfortunately, I didn’t discover the Skinny Girl Blender until after I’d sorted myself out. If I had, then things would’ve been much easier for me!

What is the Skinny Girl Blender?

The Skinny Girl Blender is a compact personal blender that promises to make lunchtime and snacking a lot healthier for you. It plugs into the mains, you load up the plastic cup with fruit, nuts, veg – whatever you want – then twist it on and blend away. 

You get two different blades in the box, along with three cups, two drinking straws, two travel lids, a storage lid, a lip ring, and a recipe booklet. It’s a product that’s designed for people who want to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. By having a personal blender, you can make your own nutritious smoothies, shakes, or sauces whenever you like. 


  • Can blend different kinds of fruit and veg 
  • Very compact 
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with a lot in the box


  • No pulse feature
  • Plastic cups aren’t the most durable
  • Very noisy

Features & Benefits

There are plenty of excellent features that I really like about the Skinny Girl Blender. It tackles some key problems that you find with many blenders in the same price range. 

700-Watt Motor

Whenever I used a blender, there’s one main thing I’m concerned with; the power. The Skinny Girl Blender boasts an impressive 700-Watt motor, meaning it provides plenty of power for you. As a result, it easily blends up a host of different fruit, vegetables, nuts; you name it. It even copes with hard fruit/veg – like frozen berries, etc. 

I found this very beneficial as it makes your life so much easier. There’s nothing worse than trying to blend a mixture together, and it just doesn’t work. You get thick clumps that clog up the blades, and you still find pieces of fruit/veg in the mixture. With this, things are liquified to a high degree. It’s almost effortless too; in just a few seconds, you can turn a cup full of fruit into a smoothie. So, if you’re ever in a rush, then this feature can help you whip up a nutritious snack in seconds. 

The slight downside of this is that it is very noisy. If you’re home alone, then it shouldn’t bother you as you only have to deal with it for a few seconds or so. But, if you have pets or young children, then maybe look to close the kitchen door and keep them far away to not upset them!

Two Blades

You get two different blades with this blender; the blending blade and the grinding blade. I liked this as it makes the device even more practical. With the blending blade, you can make smoothies, sauces, dips; and anything else that requires things to be blended. But, switch to the grinding blade, and you can now grind coffee beans, nuts, spices – it’s fantastic. 

Lots Of Cups

A key feature I loved was the presence of three cups in the package. You get two 24-ounce ones, and one 12-ounce one. This saves you from needing to go out and buy your own, and they’ve relatively thick-walled too. All the cups are BPA-free, so you don’t have any health concerns there – oh, and they’re dishwasher safe, further freeing up your time and making life more convenient. 

The cups also come with different lids for you to utilize as well. There are storage lids to keep your concoctions in the fridge, and a travel lid to take your cup with you. Again, this just means you can choose how you want to use this product. You can make drinks and bring them to work, or you can make some in each cup and store them in your fridge for later. 

There is one concern regarding the cups, and it’s that they can wear down with repetitive use. Some people found that the plastic wore away thanks to the powerful blades. But, this often happens if the blender is pushed too hard, for too long. A simple way around it is to put fewer items in the cup and ensure there’s plenty of liquid to aid the blades. 

Easy Functionality

I’ve used a few blenders in my time, and it always amazed me h ow difficult some of them are to use. They often have so many buttons; it’s like piloting a spaceship. So, I was overjoyed when I saw how simple the Skinny Girl Blender is to use. You fill up the cup, attach the blade to it, then twist it onto the base – and off you go. 

That’s all there is to it; just twisting the cup will trigger the motor and blend your food up in seconds. You don’t have to get to grips with any complicated buttons of features – it’s so straightforward. 

What other people say…

I’ve done a fair bit of research into the Skinny Girl Blender, and this let me find out what other people have said about this product. After scouring the web, I uncovered some very positive reviews: 


If you’re not sold on the Skinny Girl Blender, then here are some alternatives you may want to check out: 

Nutribullet NBR-1201

This blender is cheaper than the Skinny Girl Blender, and you get a lot for the extra price. While it only boasts 600 Watts, there’s still a smoothness to the blending that’s easier on the plastic cups as well. Thanks to an innovative extractor blade, you can really get all the nutrients out of your fruit and veg and create more juice-like consistency. It’s the perfect option for people looking to commit to a healthier diet, but who want a bit more durability and quality than the Skinny Girl Blender. 


Nutri Bullet: 

  • 600-Watt power
  • High durability
  • Excellent build quality
  • BPA-free plastic cups
  • Very compact design
  • Cheaper

Skinny Girl Blender:

  • 700-Watts
  • Plastic can deteriorate after a few weeks
  • The design looks a bit ‘cheaper’

If you want a cheaper blender, that does everything the Skinny Girl Blender does, then the Nutribullet might be perfect for you. The higher build-quality means it will last longer, providing you with healthy drinks for as long as you desire. 

Ninja Personal Blender

The Ninja Personal Blender gives you 700-Watts of power and exceptional performance. The technology here lets you blitz through tough ingredients with no problems at all. You can even blend whole fruits up without cutting them! 


Ninja Personal Blender: 

  • Cheaper than the Skinny Girl Blender
  • 700-Watts
  • Pulse technology
  • 30 recipes included
  • Extracts nutrients from fruit & veg

Skinny Girl Blender:

  • 700-Watts
  • Comes with more accessories – including more cups
  • Only has one setting

Check out the Ninja Personal Blender if you want a tool that can enhance your eating habits. It makes smoothies almost instantly and ensures you extract all the vital nutrients from them – which can help improve your complexion, give you more energy, and lose weight. 

Oster Blender Pro 1200

The Oster Blender is definitely for people who want to take their healthy lifestyle seriously. It boasts 1200 watts of power, and 7 different speed settings. There are even pre-programmed settings that let you sit back, relax, and watch the blender do all the work. 


Oster Blender Pro

  • 1200-Watts blending power and 900-Watts ice crushing power
  • 7 speeds settings
  • Pre-programmed settings for common blender concoctions
  • Robust cups 
  • 10-year warranty

Skinny Girl Blender:

  • 700-watts
  • Only one speed setting
  • Cups can break easily
  • 2-year warranty

The other blenders are all for people who want something simple. If you’re looking for a more advanced option – which makes your life even easier – then check out the Oster Blender Pro. 


Eating healthily is a challenge – especially if you’re always short on time. The Skinny Girl Blender lets you create healthy smoothies and shakes in just a few minutes. No matter how bad your cooking is, you can now get extra nutrients into your diet. 

It’s easy to use, has impressive power stats, and can help you make anything from a simple smoothie to a healthy pasta sauce. 

So, if you want a product that can improve your life and help you commit to a healthy routine, then click here to check out the Skinny Girl Blender. 

Things to consider before buying a blender

Blenders let you spend less time in the kitchen and create healthy concoctions packed full of nutrients. If you struggle to stick to a healthy diet, and you’re always looking for quick ways to eat, then a blender is perfect for you. In just a few minutes, you can whip up a healthy shake to drink at lunchtime while you’re at work. Or, you can make a healthy sauce that slashes your cooking time in half. 

So, personal blenders are best-suited to people who want a quick and easy way to make sauces, smoothies, or dips. But, if you want something with extra functions, then this product isn’t for you. Don’t buy a personal blender if you want something to mix batters, make bread dough, or chop up vegetables into slices. Instead, look to buy a food processor. These come with more attachments, more features, and let you do more in the kitchen. 

With that in mind, here are some key things to consider before buying a blender: 

  • How much are you willing to pay?
  • What will you use the blender for?
  • How much space do you have in your kitchen?
  • What accessories do you need?
  • How many features will benefit me?
  • How easy is it to use?

When you’ve weighed up all of these questions, you’ll soon find the best blender for your specific requirements.

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