What’s Cooking: Review Of The T-FAL Ceramic Cookware

You might have seen cooking shows where the chef effortlessly slides off his final masterpiece onto his plate and test-eat it in front of millions. I believe, minus the audience, many of us desire those no-mess, no-BS kind of pans! 

Over the years, innovative cookware technology has solved this problem, one solution being ceramic material. The T-FAL Ceramic Cookware Set is a leading example of nonstick prowess, offering fewer toxic chemicals and promoting healthier cooking. 

Let’s get this review heated up! 

Get It While It’s Hot: Features and Benefits

The (white) ceramic interior of the pots and pans offer superior resistance against both stains and scratches while cooking.

This T-FAL Ceramic cookware set is non-stick and comes with 16 pieces, which allow you to multitask. It includes a 7.5-inch frying pan, 11-inch frying pan with lid, 1-quart saucepot, 2-quart saucepot with lid, 5-quart Dutch oven with lid, 10-inch square griddle, 6 nylon cooking utensils.

Each piece is constructed out of aluminum, which makes the cookware set highly durable. The pots and pans are quick to heat up, and the heat will distribute evenly on the surface. Plus, no hot spots are left behind.

The cookware set is toxic-free, which translates to being safe to use because there is no PTFE, PFOA, and Cadmium, which are harmful chemicals.

The ergonomic handle is designed to allow you to have firm control while you are stirring, for example, or sliding your omelets around. Each piece can withstand heat up to 570 F (stove) and 350 F (oven). Tempered glass lids with tiny holes allow you a bird’s-eye view without spatter. 

Turn up the Heat with the T-FAL Initiatives Line: T-FAL Ceramic Cookware Set (G917SG64)

In this section, I will spill all the greasy and oily details of using the T-FAL ceramic cookware set G917SG64, which comes with 16 pieces total. 

Design & Construction

The T-FAL ceramic cookware set is a classic one that works on various cooktops but not induction. I found that all the pieces are relatively lightweight. What’s more, I can juggle multiple pots or pans without them slipping or burning my hands.

But, I am only slightly disappointed that this set comes with no “Thermo technology.” Yet, in the end, I can’t complain too much since the aluminum allows for them to heat up quickly.

Performance (Cooking & Washing)

Being more of a beginner cook, I also needed something decent that I wouldn’t wholly replace until another two years or more. I even noticed I get more motivated to cook more advanced recipes. Notably, I recommend always using low to medium heat. 

I also like how I truly am limited to eating healthier food with T-FAL cookware in general. In the morning, as part of my routine, I can break in one egg with no grease, and later, my omelet smoothly glides onto my plate – no clumsy flopping! 

After cooking, washing is just as easy with this set. However, it may be a hassle for some to remember every time to hand wash ceramics, even if it is dishwasher-safe. 

Social Proof

Don’t take my word for it. Three past customer reviews regarding the T-FAL ceramic cookware set summed up the fact that ceramic cookware sets are generally doable, but they are not the perfect solution for all users. 

“How Does it Compare?”

Considering an alternative T-FAL set instead of their main ceramic offering? Check out these alternatives.

T-FAL Initiatives Ceramic Cookware Set (G917SE64, 14-Piece, Black) 

[lasso box=”B00IWSQQIW” rating=”4.3″ link_id=”1129″ id=”2918″ ref=”t-fal-cookw-g917se64-initiatives-ceramic-nonstick-dishwasher-safe-toxic-free-14-piece-cookware-set-black”]

As Part Of T-FAL Initiatives Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware Set Line, This Model Is Very Similar To The T-FAL Model We Have Reviewed. It Is Also More Affordable, But It Only Contains 14 Pieces. This Set Is Also Different In That It Has A Thermo-Spot Indicator. If You Have A Small Kitchen Or Need A Matching Collection For Your Mobile Home, This Bundle May Save You Space And Feed You Well. 

T-FAL Initiatives Ceramic Cookware Set (G919SE64, 14-Piece, Gold) 

[lasso box=”B00WM3ID70″ rating=”4.5″ link_id=”1130″ id=”2920″ ref=”t-fal-g919se64-initiatives-ceramic-nonstick-dishwasher-safe-toxic-free-14-piece-cookware-set-gold”]

With its relatively higher price, this next ceramic cooking set by T-FAL understandably comes with more pieces, i.e., 14 pieces total, including only four nylon tools. There are, however, three frying pans that are coated in beautiful and elegant gold color. So, if you tend to stir-fry often or sear meat, this combo may be the most suitable for your cooking needs. Plus, the unique gold coating makes for a great gift.

T-FAL Simply Cook Ceramic Cookware Set (12-Piece, Blue)

Compared to all the other three ceramic sets, this combo is significantly different because it is not currently found on Amazon but in other selected retailers through T-FAL. The smaller assortment also contains only 12 pieces, including the standard two pans and only three utensils. However, still intact with the most critical features as the others, and with a vibrant blue coating bonus, this collection may just playfully complement a beginner-cook or a student kitchen.

Check its price on T-FAL here.

A Wrap-Up

Dinner’s ready! The T-FAL Ceramic Cookware Set G917SG64 has been reviewed to be one of the quality ceramic cookware sets in the market. It offers durable quality and versatile performance, especially for first-time cooks. 

However, we recommend looking a few dollars more if you are a heavy cook and someone who likes trying new recipes every other day. Ceramic is definitely one of the beneficial materials for cookware, but it all depends on whether it fits your kitchen needs!

Things to Consider Before Buying T-FAL Cookware

Before you stock your kitchen cabinet with T-FAL cookware, there are some essential factors to consider, especially if it is ceramic-constructed.

Number of Pieces

As the name indicates, cookware sets are sold in bundles, some from three parts up to more than 18, depending on what you find. Usually, however, sellers count a lid, utensils, and even a cookbook as individual pieces. 

With T-FAL, depending on where you purchase, specific sets may not be available. For example, the T-FAL site only lists the Initiatives Ceramic 16Pc Cookware Set, Black under their ceramic offerings, but other sets are available on Amazon.


The price of ceramic cookware set in general is not determined by the ceramic material alone. Other essential factors include size, construction, quality, and the number of pieces. 

Cleaning and Maintenance 

Ceramic cookware is usually easy to clean, but different models boast different quality ceramic. We recommend picking out a ceramic cooking set that is not just easy to clean (as they all are) but easy to maintain without immediate discoloration or wear-down. 

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