The Miele KM 7897 FL Induction Hob

Cooking the best possible food isn’t always down to the skill level of the cook. In fact, to get the very best results, you will need equipment that is up to the task.

One of the most important things you need to control when cooking is heat, with ovens, this can be easy, with hobs; however, this can pose a challenge. If you have an unreliable or poorly made hob, then controlling heat is going to be nigh on impossible.

With the Miele KM 7897 FL Induction Hob, however, this is a problem you will never have to face again.

The Miele KM 7897 FL Induction Hob 

The Miele KM 7897 FL Induction Hob is a model that sits at the top of its class when it comes to luxury hobs. 

The Miele is crammed with an incredible amount of features and is designed for the passionate home chefs and serious cooks among us. While The Miele comes with quite a hefty price tag, this often leaves people to question, is it worth it?

The simple answer is yes. When you take into account some of the incredible features like its speedy heat-up times, flexible control environment and complete even heating. The Miele is at the top of the charts when it comes to induction hobs. 


  • Heats up very fast
  • Even heating on all pans
  • Almost silent
  • Has an incredible simmer feature
  • Incredible temperature control


  • High price tag
  • Only four heat zones

Features & Benefits

The Miele KM 7897 is way more than a pretty face, and behind its sleek and eye-catching design, it harbours some fantastic tricks. The luxury hob features four heat zones on a 76c- wide hob. It is stylishly framed with a metal trim that gives the hob an air of class and really would look fabulous in a kitchen with chrome and stainless steel.

Automatic Pan Detection

One of the best tricks that the Miele performs is its automatic pan detection system. The hob automatically detects where the pan is, and even if you move the pan halfway through cooking, the heat source will find the pan.

The automatic pan detection also comes hand in hand with an empty pan detection system too. Should you accidentally place, an empty pan on the hob or you may have emptied of its contents due to overcooking. You will never have to suffer the smell of burning pan again; the hob will automatically just shut off.

The automatic pan detection will also detect the size of the pans and assign the most power to the largest pans on the hob. 

TempControl System

If you are a chef with a less than desirable skill level, as the majority of us home cooks, the TempControl system can see you creating some impressive dishes.

Generally, when cooking on the hob, a pan will continue to raise its temperature until you have finished cooking. The Miele TempControl system helps put a stop to this and gives amazing control over everything you cook on the hob.

The TempControl system helps maintain a single heat level throughout the whole cooking process and reduces the possibility of burning. There are three maintenance temperatures to choose from 140, 200 and 220 degrees but you can fluctuate these by 20 degrees either side, so you have complete control from 120-240 degrees.


One of the most beautiful things about the Miele is possibly one of the simplest. The power button once pressed illuminates all of the other controls on the hob, and they have a lovely burning ember orange colour. 

The Miele is incredibly simple to use and every indicator has a numerical offering so you can just select your heat value without issue. You also have an option should you need some heat quickly to boost your heat. The boosted heat feature gets you up to full power in just a couple of minutes.

The Auto Heat

The most incredible feature as part of the infinitely smart environment that the Miele is the auto heat feature. The auto heat feature is a simple press and hold feature which can boil a pan of water in around 3 minutes. 

Once activated, the hob delivers all of its power to one particular heat zone. Once the desired temperature has been reached, it then drops to its neutral temperature.

Additional Features

The Miele also has some great little features that should not go unmentioned. First of all, the wipe protection feature is great should the hob need a little clean mid-cooking. The wipe protection allows you to freeze the hob sensors so you can clean them without adjusting any settings.

The Miele also comes equipped with a minute time, a switch-off timer and many other little features. Features that you will be very excited to discover as you get cooking with this amazing hob.

Social Proof

This hob has taken me on a journey, and I thoroughly enjoy cooking with it. The Miele came with a more significant price tag, and this meant I didn’t go into buying this blind. I went on quite a journey in the search for this hob. I can say, the Miele didn’t divide any opinions, and every review had nothing but positive things to say about it. 

Other Considerations

When searching for a hob, you should be looking for a hob that makes your cooking experience as easy as possible. While there is availability for cheap hobs, they are generally bad options. Cheaper hobs offer no control and can ruin your cookware as well as your food.

Choosing an option like the Miele KM 7897 can change the way you think about food and cooking on the whole. The hob presents convenience, technology and adds enjoyment in cooking once more. 

Alternatives To The The Miele KM 7897 FL Induction Hob

Bosch – Serie 6 Induction Hob With Extractor 80cm

Bosch is, of course, a reputable name throughout homes all over the world. The Serie 6 Induction Hob, however, does not do the name justice though.

If we compare the Bosch to the Miele, the prices are quite similar, but you don’t get the same level of luxury that you do with the Miele. If you are going to aim for luxury, you re money would probably be spent better elsewhere.

Neff – N70 80cm Venting Hob

Coming in around the same price as the Miele, but a little higher than the Bosch is the Neff. While Neff may not be one of the most recognised names in hobs, do make some pretty impressive stuff.

While offering some of the same features as the Miele and better features than the Bosch the innovation just isn’t quite up to scratch yet. Neff really could be a name to compete with a few years, but at the moment, the technology is just lacking.

The auto-recognition system is quite problematic, and all being said, your money would be better spent elsewhere.

AEG IDE84241IB 83cm ComboHob Electric Induction Hob

The AEG is yet again a well-known name, especially in kitchen equipment and while this hob is impressive, it is expensive. The AEG is an eye-catching and excellent induction hob, but it is still costly, especially if you are looking for bang for the buck.

The AEG does come as standard with an integrated hood but the bells and whistles never really appear. When I was searching for a hob, this was one that I had considered; unfortunately, the reviews were mixed, and like most, I feel the AEG is desperately overpriced.


The Miele KM 7897 is possible the best purchase I have made for the kitchen. I have found that with all of the little gadgets, bells and whistles it provides, it does add to my cooking experience. 

While some may think that the extra options available on the Miele are gimmicky, they all serve a purpose. The extras that are offered help a good cook become a great cook. You are granted so much in the way of control when it comes to the Miele, this is hard to come by with other products.

The price tag of the Miele may be high, you do get what you pay for. You can be rest assured, the Miele will not only help feed you, it will also feed your passion for cooking. 


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