Thermador Induction Cooktop Reviews

Are you looking to add an induction cooktop to your kitchen? If so, it’s a great idea, but we strongly recommend you first find out what the best induction cooktops that suit your needs are.

There are many options for premium-grade induction cooktops in the market. We, however, focused on Thermador induction cooktop reviews. Read on to find out our opinion about these kitchen appliances.

Top 5 Product Reviews

The following are the best 36-inch cooktops available in the market right now: 

1.  Best 36-inch Cooktop – Masterpiece Frameless Freedom Induction Cooktop

The Thermador Frameless Induction Cooktop is a professional-grade kitchen appliance with an unmatched freedom design. The cooktop was the first of this kind but has attracted competitive designs over time.

The kitchenware comes with a silver-mirrored finish that gives it a stunning appearance for the contemporary kitchen. We loved its simple controls using the colored touch-screen and the wireless fidelity connectivity that supports communication.

The cooktop has 56 inductor elements that recognize the pot’s position, shape, and size together with the automatic pot detection system. It has a power boost feature that accelerates the cooktop’s power by up to 50%, allowing for faster heating and cooking. It heats at speeds of up to 30 seconds and a timer that automatically shuts off after the set period. Users can also preset the power level by moving pans on the cooktop using the MyZone feature.

You can transfer heat from one side of the cooktop to the other, with the residual heat indicator allowing you to see which side of the surface is still hot. The LED lights on the sides alert you when the pot on the cooktop moves and will also notify you if your pot is hot or not. Its panel lock ensures the cooktop is safe after use as it allows you to lock the surface and prevent children from touching the hot top.

One feature we found quite exciting is the TeppanyakiPro function that can divide teppanyaki plates into a hot and a cool zone.


  • Large enough to accommodate up to six pots
  • Easy controls with the full-color screen
  • Automatic shut-off and lock feature makes cooking safe
  • Fast cooking speeds save time
  • Automatic cookware detection
  • Notifies you of the hot side of the cooktop
  • Wi-Fi connectivity supports communication and synchronization of ventilation and turning on task light
  • Safe for magnetic items
  • Indicates levels of heat and the hot side of the cooktop
  • Cools fast after cooking
  • Easy cleaning with a soft cloth


  • It’s a bit pricey
  • Power consumption is a little high

2.  Best for the Money – 36-Inch Masterpiece Stainless Steel Frame Freedom Induction Cooktop

The Masterpiece Freedom Induction cooktop is similar to the first induction cooktop, with the only notable difference being the full stainless steel dark gray glass frame. It has all the first cooktop’s features, including the 36-inch surface spacious enough to hold up to six pots.

It is also a 56 inductor element cooktop with automatic pot size, shape, and position detector. It also divides the Teppanyaki grill plate into a hot and cold zone and has Sapphire embedded lights on the sides that notify the user when the pot moves or gets hot.

The power boost feature is also present, with an accelerated heating speed of 30 seconds. You can set the timer and leave the appliance to cook, and shut it off after the lapse of the set time. Users can shift the cooking settings to one cooking point with the residual heat indicator’s help that helps you know the side that is still hot. It is also children safe thanks to the panel lock feature.

The cooktop also connects to the Wi-Fi network to facilitate communication to synchronize, turning on the task lights and ventilation. The controls are extra-large with a colored touch-screen display.


  • Easy controls with a large colored screen
  • Fast cooking with power boost
  • 36-inch cooking space that supports up to six pots
  • Automatic shut off allows freedom cooking
  • Wi-Fi network connectivity for communication and synchronization of functions
  • Panel lock for children safety
  • LED light display alerts
  • It comes with a fully stainless steel frame
  • Automatic pot detection
  • Easy power level presetting
  • Supports an entire shift of cooking position with residual heat indicators
  • Easy to clean
  • Cools down fast


  • It’s a bit heavy
  • High power consumption

3.  Best Size – 30-Inch Masterpiece Frameless Freedom Induction Cooktop

Although it is smaller and has a little smaller capability than the first two cooktops, the 30-inch Frameless Masterpiece is also a great addition to your kitchen. Space is enough for five pots that can heat and cook simultaneously. Its inductor element is of a lesser capacity being a 48 inductor element cooktop, but it still automatically detects the pot’s position, shape, and size.

One of the reasons I like this cooktop is its power booster and cooking speed that matches the larger cooktops, and the fact that it is also frameless. The power booster goes up to 50%, and the cooking speeds also accelerate to 30 seconds. It also divides a TeppanyakiPro grill plate into a heated and a cool zone.

The cooktop and its matching hood can communicate via a Wi-Fi network and synchronize the ventilation and turn on task lighting.

The appliance comes with a silver-mirrored finish giving it a perfect look for a contemporary kitchen. It is great for handling the small home cooking needs simultaneously, and the shut-off timer allows you to do them all together without messing up.

The appliance cools down fast after cooking, although you don’t have to wait or guard your kid against touching it as it has a panel lock feature.


  • Enough space to accommodate five pots and cook simultaneously
  • Panel lock for children safety
  • Power boost that accelerates cooking speeds
  • You can preset the power level
  • Flexible cooking element
  • Can cook with a frying pan
  • Wi-Fi connectivity allows synchronization of functions
  • It comes with an excellent silver-mirrored finish
  • Shut-off timer allows for stress-free and multiple cooking at the same time
  • Easy to clean induction cooktop
  • Easy controls with a large and interactive color display


  • It’s heavy

4.  Best Flexibility – 36-Inch Masterpiece Framed Silver Mirrored, Liberty Induction Cooktop

The Masterpiece Liberty Induction Cooktop is a 36-inch cooking appliance but only accommodates three pots on its three extra-large liberty cooking zones. If you have small cooking needs, it can be a great cooktop for you. You can place either large or small cookware on the three cooking zones.

Like the other Thermador induction cooktops, it comes with a silver-mirrored finish that gives it a perfect look to match any modern kitchen. It includes a heat shift feature with three preset zones. These zones allow you to alter the power level by just moving your pot across the zone.

It features timers for all zones and automatically shuts off if all elements are off for at least 20 seconds. It also has an automatic pan recognition feature, panel lock for safety, and a power booster.

We loved this 5 induction cooking element cooktop because you can use the left and right liberty zones as separate cooking areas or combine them into one large cooking zone.

You can easily monitor the cooktop while cooking, although the controls differ from the previous models. You monitor the cooktop using the Home Connect app. The cooktop is a WIFI smart connect appliance, and you can get remote diagnosis where necessary.


  • The extra-large cooking zones allow flexibility in cooking
  • Adjustable power levels by moving your pot across the cooktop
  • Personalized control with remote diagnostic and Wi-Fi network capabilities
  • Silver-mirrored finish giving the appliance a unique design
  • Five preset temperature levels
  • Movemode feature supports the transfer of settings without resetting power levels
  • Easy cleanup
  • Full stainless steel frame


  • High power consumption
  • Can only cook three pots simultaneously 

5.  Best Budget Buy- 36-Inch Framed Masterpiece Liberty Induction Cooktop, Titanium Gray

We loved the 36-inch Masterpiece Liberty Induction Cooktop for its budget-friendliness. It comes with three extra-large liberty cooking zones, so you are not trading flexibility for the money. Like the other Thermador induction cooktops, it has a HeatShift feature with three preset heat zones.

The appliance has an automatic pan recognition and safety time switch off. It is also safe to leave it while hot after use as it has a childproof lock, so your kids are not at risk of placing their hands on the cooking zones.

The controls are simple and personalized using the Home Connect app and Wi-Fi smart appliance capabilities. Users can receive notifications and remote diagnostics when needed.

The cooktop allows you to fry a range of foods at the five preset temperature levels, and you can transfer settings without necessarily resetting the power levels as you move your pot on the cooktop.

Other features we found useful include the power management function and the key lock.

I found this by far the most feature-rich cooktop you can find at an affordable price.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Has three large liberty cooking zones that provide excellent flexibility for large and small cooking
  • Simple controls with the Home Connect app and is Wi-Fi enabled
  • Easy to clean
  • It has a HeatShift feature with preset zones


  • Lacks ventilation
  • It is not energy star rated

Our Top Choice – The Best Thermador Induction Cooktop


While all the Thermador induction cooktops we reviewed were worth it, the 36-inch Masterpiece Frameless Freedom Induction Cooktop carried the day. The cooktop is frameless but has the greatest cooking capacity than any other appliance.

The cooktop is 36-inches in size but supports up to six cooking pots. Its capacity is incomparable to our fifth choice, which is of the same size but only accommodates three pots. 

Besides, it does not trade off the large cooking capacity with slow speeds. It cooks even faster than some other models as it can heat pots in 30 seconds.

What Do You Consider When Buying an Induction Cooktop?

An induction cooktop is an impressive appliance in our kitchen. It helps you cook with speed and also gives your kitchen a modern look. However, random purchases can be disappointing. It’s essential to have in mind the critical aspects you need to look for as you choose a cooktop model.

The Size

Induction cooktops differ in size. Thermador provides size options like 36-inch, 30-inch. However, it’s not obvious that the 36-inch cooktop will have the largest cooking capacity. Even a smaller cooktop could accommodate more pots depending on its design and the size of pots.

As such, it’s good to think about the cooking zones and the number of pots they can accommodate as you pick the size.


As much as you are responsible for your safety in the kitchen, the manufacturers should also mind their appliances’ safety. Take time to check the safety features the cooktop has. One common feature is the automatic shut off. The appliance should automatically switch off when left unattended for a short while. Also, panel locks are excellent for the safety of both children and yourself. You could also accidentally rest your hand on a hot cooktop after cooking.

Power Management

In your quest for a fast-cooking appliance, you could get your bills too high. Most induction coils use electricity, so one with a power management function can help you avoid huge monthly electricity bills.

The Controls

You may not get the most out of a cooktop with complex controls. I would check to see the type of controls and see their position on the cooktop. I prefer digital controls that are not too close to the cooking zones.

How Does An Induction Cooktop Work?

Induction cooktops work by creating electromagnetic fields between the cookware and cooking zone. The magnetic reaction creates heat energy at the pot’s base on the cooktop’s glass surface while the cooktop remains cool-touch.

What are the Benefits of Cooktops?

If you tried other cooking options like gas and stove, it’s time you gave cooktops a trial.

Induction cooktops are incredibly fast and can get a large pot of water boiling much faster than the other option mentioned above.

It is safer to use the cooktop as only the pot gets much of the heat, plus it is a smart and modern cooking option. Besides, what surface feels more comfortable to cook on than a flat one?

What are the Cons of Cooktops?

Of course, induction cooktops also have their downsides and you could wonder why people hardly use them.

You need to be extra careful not to scratch the surface, plus you may have to look for more cookware if the ones you use do not have a flat surface.

The appliances give no chances for overflowing water or milk. Such happenings will have water or the milk spilling over to your cooktop, the bench, and the floor, which can be damaging.

You may also need to dig deeper into your pockets if you plan to abandon conventional cooking methods for induction cooktops.

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