The Top 10 Coolest Kitchenware in 2023

Ready to upgrade your kitchen for the new year? You might have older appliances or simply missing some of the best tools currently made. Don’t let your recipe options be limited because of your kitchen appliances.

Whether you’re looking to try some new recipes or just need more up-to-date supplies, these kitchenware options will keep you cooking all year round.

1. Instant Pot Duo Nova Pressure Cooker

Not everyone jumped on the instant pot obsession when they became a staple, and if you still haven’t bought one, take this as a sign. This pressure cooker makes cooking feel like a breeze, no matter your skill level. It’s simple, sleek, and versatile so you can make all kinds of dishes with one kitchen tool.

2. Royal Wood Bamboo Cutting Board

Most people need to upgrade their cutting board at some point in time. This will take your kitchen experience to a whole new level. It’s beautiful and anti-bacterial to keep your kitchen looking good and healthy.

3. Caraway Storage System

Tired of wondering how to store your pans in an easier and more accessible way? This system helps you keep everything in order and easy to grab when you’re ready to cook. Stop searching for different pans and use that time to prep for your next delicious meal.

4. Tinana Silicone Ice Block Mold Set

Wonder how people get those amazing ice cube shapes in their TikTok drink videos? Now you know. This is one of the simplest kitchen gadgets that will elevate any drink you make.

5. SodaStream Fizzi Sparkling Water Maker

Sparkling water is one trend from the past few years that isn’t going anywhere, and if you’re a fan you know the pain of going to the store only to find your favorite flavor sold out. This is one of the cool kitchen tools you’ll love in 2023 so you’ll never have to head to the store for your favorite seltzer again.

6. Mueller Austria Multi-Purpose Hand Blender

Tired of hauling out the KitchenAid when you need to whip up something small? This is one of the kitchen gadgets you’ll use for a variety of things and end up wondering how you worked without it.

7. Tramontina Quart Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Stop wondering how you’ll make soups and all those cozy dishes this coming year. When it comes to the best kitchen tools, a Dutch oven is a must. And this one is unbeatable.

8. Ninja Professional 1100 Watt Blender

Blenders come in handy more than you may think, and especially when yours works as well as this one does. Upgrade your kitchen tech in 2023 with this worthwhile investment.

9. Aucma Stand Mixer

If you need to upgrade your mixer and want a positive investment, this is it. It’s one of the most used kitchen tools and you’ll never want to work without it once you’ve used it.

10. Cuisinart Knife Block Set

Want to feel like the real head chef in your household? These knives will take any job and cut it down to size in the blink of an eye.

Top Kitchenware

Kitchenware is something you want to invest in for the long haul. You can use it for years and even decades if you buy the right brand at the right time.

These items will upgrade your kitchen and your overall cooking experience.  Find more great recommendations to keep your kitchen looking top-notch here.

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