Top 10 Spices for Chicken Recipes

On its own chicken is bland, it needs spices to bring out the best in it. The great thing about chicken is that it is eaten worldwide and has adopted so many different recipes and the flavor combinations are endless.

The basic set of spices tastes good on most dishes, especially chicken recipes. From beginners to professional chefs, these are common, yet delicious.

What is your favorite chicken dish? Do you know which spices are used in it? Let’s check out these 10 spices for chicken.

1. S and P

The staples of almost any savory cooking venture are salt and pepper. Every spice cabinet has these two whether it be pre-ground, or a set of adjustable S & P grinders.

2. Garlic Powder

Another basic of poultry cooking is garlic powder or garlic salt. Even beginner cooks can make a meal taste great just by adding some of this spice.

3. Cayenne or Chipotle Pepper

This one is for the fans of spicy food. Kick your chicken up a few notches by adding ground cayenne or chipotle pepper. Both are smoky and either one goes well with chicken, and also blends well with other spices.

Spice Blends

Take the guesswork out of combining flavor profiles when you buy ready-to-use spice blends. Blends are used all over the world.

4. Adobo

A Latin blend of flavors that pair well with chicken, and a wide variety of other dishes. The adobo original blend includes salt, black pepper, garlic, paprika, turmeric, and oregano.

5. Jerk

The jerk spice blend originates from Jamaica and can be a dry rub for meat, or a seasoning added during cooking. This spice is a whole style and culture of cooking, but anyone can add it into their repertoire. Usually cooked over an open fire, you can mix it up and try it in a cast-iron skillet.

6. Curry

An Indian curry spice blend can vary in its flavors and spices. The basic blend is ginger, garlic, clove, fenugreek, and cinnamon. Curry is unique and can be a spice added directly to chicken, or as a sauce for chicken.

7. Cajun

A southern specialty, the cajun seasoning has a kick to it and works great with chicken stews or pasta. Varying in specifics, but the basic blend is smoked paprika, cayenne, black and white pepper, and garlic.


Though they fall under the same broad category of “spices” herbs are in a section of their own. Typically, herbs refer to the leaf of plants, whereas a spice refers to the seed, stalk, or other parts of a plant.

8. Basil

A member of the mint family, this Italian herb marries perfectly with chicken and tomato dishes. It is a punchy flavor and is sweet and savory.

9. Rosemary

Rosemary and lemon slices are a classic match with whole roasted chicken. This rustic herb is fragrant and can be used on or off of its stalk.

10. Cilantro

Looking for a fresh flavor addition to chicken? Cilantro with fresh lime juice to finish might be your new favorite summertime dish. This leafy green herb can sometimes be a controversial flavor.

Best Spices for Chicken

With all of these great options, there should be no reason to ever serve plain chicken. Start cooking with tons of flavor by adding these spices for chicken to your next dish.

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