Wolf Induction Cooktop Reviews

The Wolf Induction cooktop is a low profile cooktop that performs as good as it looks. Before purchasing a new cooktop, I dealt with one that failed to distribute heat evenly and was not flush against the counter. I knew I had to look for a new one, as cooking dinner was becoming a real chore. Enter the Wolf Induction Cooktop line. There are multiple options to choose from, so we’re covering the ins and outs of the top models here.

The Best Wolf Induction Cooktops For You

There’s more where this comes from, but here are the best wolf induction cooktops based on my experience and research:

15” Transitional Cooktop-Best for Tight Spaces


  • Great for tight spaces- This cooktop boasts a sleek and innovative design. With its smaller 15” design, this is by far the best cooktop if you are tight on space. 
  • Seamless heat transfer- This cooktop transfers heat from the stovetop to the pan with ease and distributes it 40% faster than comparable cooktops. 
  • Easy Cleanup- Cleanup is also a breeze with this cooktop due to its black ceramic glass surface. 


  • Pricey- Wolf cooktops are restaurant-grade. Therefore, they come with a hefty price tag.
  • Control panel issues appear somewhat common and can be tough to repair.

30” Contemporary Induction Cooktop-Best Low Profile


  • Low Profile- A sleek low profile design evokes modern flair and ingenuity, as it nearly matches seamlessly with the countertop.
  • Cookware Safety- like many Wolf products, this cooktop comes with cookware sensing guards to ensure the correct cookware is being used.
  • 20 Amp Dedicated Circuit- with this type of power supply, you will surely have enough power to use the cooktop to its highest potential. 


  • The warranty included with this cooktop only covers parts, not the labor needed to install them. 

24” Contemporary Induction Cooktop-Easiest to Clean


  • Because of the black ceramic surface of the cooktop, it is very easy to clean. This is one of the main selling points of any induction cooktop, as cleaning between grates isn’t necessary.


  • Lack of power- this cooktop only includes 3100W of power, much less than the 36” model that has 3600W. We believe this lack of power will affect even heat distribution and cooking times.  

30” Transitional Framed Induction Cooktop-Most Feature Rich


  • Lock feature: the lock feature on this cooktop allows you to take extra safety measures against fire or other injuries that could cause burns.
  • Four Burners: the four-burner design allows you to cook various dishes at once, which is especially handy if you cook often.
  • Framed: the flawless framed design of this cooktop is one of the best-looking induction cooktops on the market and looks great in any kitchen.


  • Not flush: because of its framed design, this cooktop will not fit totally flush against the countertop, which may be a dealbreaker for some.

36” Transitional Framed Induction Cooktop-Best 36”


  • Best 36” on the market: This is one of the best 36” cooktops on the market, and its looks complement its performance.
  • Five burners: This versatile cooktop has five burners, making this great for frequent cooking. 
  • Compatible with other cooktops: For the ultimate experience, try pairing this cooktop with any of Wolf’s 15” cooktops.
  • Accommodates various pans: Because of its size, this cooktop can fit nearly any type of induction safe pan.


  • Controls: The controls on this cooktop are sometimes difficult to use, and must be carefully handled, as replacement parts are expensive.


In our honest opinion, the winner of this roundup is the 36” transitional framed cooktop. This is one of the most versatile cooktops with the opportunity to expand. This can fit a variety of different pans and is excellent for those who have space. Compared to the 30” transitional cooktop, the 36” cooktop gives you unmatched versatility, with the additional burner. We believe the 36” cooktop is the best option for someone who enjoys cooking and will use it often. 

What to Look for in Induction Cooktops


If you are in the market for this induction cooktop, here’s the stuff you really should be bargaining for:


When searching for an induction cooktop, it is critical to purchase one with enough power to get the job done. In this case, it is crucial to look for a cooktop that has at least 3600W.


It is essential to choose the right size cooktop for your kitchen. For those with a smaller kitchen, the 24” cooktop may be your best option. However, if you have some space to work with, the 36” would be better, especially if you are cooking for many people.


Like all appliances, safety is the priority with your cooktop. Wolf induction cooktops feature locking control panel and pan detecting sensors to ensure that only the correct type of pan is being used. The cooktop shuts off automatically if no activity is detected after five minutes, preventing fire and other hazards.


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